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Recording the New Worship - EP

Music Producer/Songwriter Vernon Hill along with Artist LaVarn Gordon, and newcomer Singer Taylor Simone-Butts begin to record the last finishing touches to the new Worship - EP.

This was a very empowering weekend of fellowship, recording, and worship. Taylor travelled up to Maryland to work with Songwriters Vernon Hill and LaVarn Gordon to complete their new EP project which will be entitled Unshaken.

Taylor is one of the featured worship leaders alongside Singer/Songwriter Keon Jones, and LaVarn Gordon, which she ushers the presence of God through this compelling, soul-stirring worship anthem.

This music project is a continuation of the worship experience of the first album Songs from His Presence with a corporate worship feel and, a prelude to our future full album experience.

Check back here to know more about this project and the announcement of its scheduled release.

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