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Press Release of "Songs from His Presence" from Path MEGAzine

​​ Music Producer/Songwriter Vernon Hill presents his debut studio CD entitled Songs from His Presence, an inspiring, powerful intimate worship experience now available at all digital outlets.

Songs from His Presence – is a Christian Contemporary compilation of songs sketched from innermost moments amidst God and Vernon Hill. Those moments and life changing experiences produced an intimate relationship that allowed Vernon Hill to entreat God for His divine direction on behalf of this project. Additionally, Vernon gained inspiration through a handful of believers in a chapel where he heard personal testimonies of God’s miraculous power. Also, through uplifting rehearsals where the atmosphere conducive of God’s presence flooded the environment provoking Vernon to create an angelic sound that crystallized the atmosphere and captivates the listeners and caused them to meditate in God’s presence, praying, uplifting the name of Jesus and offering thanksgiving to our Lord and Savior.

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