What is with the name Nonrev?

For a few years, I searched for a name to call the music production and publishing company. I was always writing and making music to hopefully eventually become a writer and producer under a major music company. I went to Shenandoah University, a music conservatory college to pursue my goals in the music industry by obtaining a Bachelor in Music Production & Engineering. While in school, I connected with singer/songwriter LaVarn Gordon who has become one of my best friends and songwriting collaborator. We began to collaborate and submit our music to record labels. With that time in college and eventually graduating, my vision and what God was calling me to do had begin to transform. There were open doors of opportunities with some major record labels and publishers that eventually closed all of a sudden. I was seeking answers and wondering what the Lord had for me and the reason why these opportunities would always close.

God showed me that those were not the opportunities or the direction that He wanted me to pursue. But, to create a platform that would support others like myself, and LaVarn, to promote their music to emerging or established artists, or to showcase their personal artistry, or create great music for artists seeking professional music production. Most importantly, to create a platform that would release music that would uplift and draw audiences to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With the help of Artist/Songwriter LaVarn Gordon we formed this production company.

So I wanted a name that would be connected to me, but inclusive of others to feel connected as well. I came across the term NON-REV, which is a term, used commonly in the airline business as a benefit incentive program to its employees to fly unrestricted based on their work. But, NONREV MUSIC applies that principle to music and is designed to propel talented artists, musicians, and songwriters to achieve their musical goals, and deliver a quality sound that will attract music listeners to their artistry unrestricted.

-Vernon Hill

President, Nonrev Christian Music Production,

a division of Nonrev Music Productions & Publishing, LLC.

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